Top 5 Tips for Online Retailers During COVID-19

With more and more online retailers reporting increases in traffic close to what they would expect around the Black Friday weekend, we have put together some essential tips for you to ensure you are optimising your website to convert as much of this traffic as possible.

Here are our top 5 tips for improving conversion:

1.   Open for Business

Make sure you tell your customers you are open for business. In the current climate, consumers no longer just assume companies are operating their normal service so make sure this is clear on your homepage.

2.   Destinations You Ship to

It’s important to make it clear to new and existing website visitors the destinations you’re still shipping to during this period. Customers want to know instantly that their purchase will be delivered to them without huge delays. If a destination is embargoed, be sure to make that clear also. Likewise, now some countries are experiencing embargos, it is a great time to make new destinations available for customers who are looking for new retailers to meet their demands.

3.   Delivery Options

Along with stating what destinations are still open, make sure you inform your customers what delivery options are available. To be as accurate as possible you need to keep on track on what countries your current delivery provider can service as this is likely changing daily. We at Coyoto Express are constantly working on new solutions to provide extensive global coverage, and publish our latest service covering here:

At this time of uncertainty, offering a tracked service for example offers a level of confidence and ensures the customer understands when, where and how long their orders will be taking. We also highly recommend informing customers of in-flight options and the opportunity for contact free delivery where possible.

4.   Languages

You may experience a surge in traffic from a wider variety of countries than normal. If you have the capacity to, we’d highly recommend for you to add more languages onto your site to enhance the user experience of your global customers.

5.   Payment Methods

US customers are all familiar with payment options like CashApp, PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card and Debit cards, but have you investigated what your customers across the globe prefer to use and most importantly trust? 

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